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Why We Laugh


Why We Laugh: A New Understanding by John Charles Simon (2008-08-02) Paperback – 1763  by John Charles Simon (Author)

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Laughing and learning throughout this facinating and thoughful scientific theory. 5 Jun. 2009

By MI teacher – Published on

Format: Paperback

Why We Laugh: A New Understanding is a most interesting and thoughtful discussion of why we, as humans, and others in the animal kingdom, share a common vocalization that we call “laughter”. Its basis is scientific and focuses on the studies and experiences of John C. Simon’s career as a research biologist. In its application, the text combines laughter’s origins and evolution with its modern-day expression in humor and personality traits such as those displayed in bullying and group dynamics. All in all, Mr. Simon has presented his argument in a very inclusive and readable manner for everyone to learn from and enjoy.




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